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02 January 2010 @ 02:15 pm
Happy New Year everyone  
I didn't do anything special for the New Year, like go to an outdoor event or a party, but there's nothing unusual in that. How about you? I think the last time I did anything of the sort was when visiting relatives long ago (probably pre 1990) in rural Gloucestershire, and that was just going to their local pub, playing darts, and I remember my Grandmother and my aunt starting the New Year by having a pointless and bitter mother-daughter argument in the back of our camper van on the way back (my father would have been the one alcohol free and driving). My cousin's husband then proceeded to bend the curtain wire on the back door after disembarking, mistaking it for a handle. In fact, I lie: one year in the late 90's I went to a techno club in London to met up two friends from a certain "Pretty Sh*tty City": that was good night out, apart from the queue afterwards to get their coats back. I think I let them down by falling asleep while out of contact and at a tactically significant moment, which lost us more time. They made some of it back by accidentally-on-purpose shortcutting a loop out of the impatient and crushing switchback queue. Back then I used to go to such clubs quite often and had my own way of doing things and surviving the morning after, and it didn't involve using *ffing cloakrooms (complication, risk of loss, waste of time, unnecessary cost) so my reserves of sympathy and cooperativeness were in limited supply in spite of years of friendship. Thinking about it I p*ssed them off at Stevenage station after Knebworth festival one year, too, again by ignoring the retail opportunities at the tuck shop in favour of making sure we got on the earliest possible train back to London (guys, puh-leeeeze...). I hate hanging about when it's cold, dark or damp, even more so if I'm also tired. So going out for the New Year would take serious persuasion. I have my own set of rituals and habits to choose or ignore, as the occasion offers and whim dictates.